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From Tirana to Durrës

There are two roads to the city of Durrës and its beach. The one coming from Shkodra bifurcates at Vlora and continues westwards to Durrës. It is 42 kilometers long,

The Grand Palace of Culture

The Grand Palace of Culture is today the greatest center of education and culture in the country. It has 240 halls and rooms. There is the big hall of the

The Mosque of Haxhi Ethem-Bey

The Mosque of Haxhi Ethem-Bey is one of the most exquisite monuments of the architecture of the XIXth century. The Mosque has the form of a rectangle and a vault

Education and culture of Tirana

Tirana is also an important educational, cultural, scientific and artistic center. The capital has about 100 primary, 8th grade and secondary schools with more than 60,000 pupils and teachers, as

Some other facts about Tirana

The city of Tirana is situated at an altitude of 110 meters above sea level. The average temperature of Tirana is 15°C, quite a mild temperature. July is the hottest